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Boys And Girls Mixtape by Olu

Released on Sunday, February 13th, 2011
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Sex Therapy Lyrics (by Olu)

Verse 1
They call me Olu do it, and I'll only do you right
If you leave your doors open, I'll be over every night
Damn it girl you fly as fuck, I'll be the captain of your flight
Bring it down to your landing strip, I'll get up in that pussy tight
I know exactly what you like, where you want it, how you need it
Lucky me you just my type, And you like the way Im speakin
When I whisper in your ear, brush your hair off to the side,
I told you that you're amazing, then you looked me in the eyes...
...And "replied take me now, give me everything you got,"
"I just want you inside of me, take control and never stop,"
Im like: Alright girl I gotchu, for the next 15 minutes
Got my body on your body, fuck you til you reach your limit
Have you feelin like a virgin, everything was perfect
Just made all the time that we spent together worth it
I keep it goin til you reach the top.....
If you dont tell me to, I'll never stop.....(Olu)

Verse 2
Cmon and run it with me till we reach the finish line
You mouthin the words to all my songs, while I just spit the rhymes
Dont get me wrong girl, Im pretty good at giving mine
But I could eat you out better, dinnertime
If you want a real, live, thrill, take a ride on my rollercoaster
Got you high---off---feel---in your body, you know Im so into this...
Love affair, we got here, nothing in the world compares
Hope youre ready for me, grab on tight, cause Imma bout to take you there
And Then we smoke a joint, cause I dont fuck with cigarettes
My weed is on point, getchu high as fuck right after sex
Best combo you can get, The weed was dry but she was wet
Shotgunned the smoke while we were makin out, girl you the best
Dammnnit girl you cold, you know that you cold,
Hottest thing in wintertime, but damnnit you so cold
And I could turn the heat up, make you melt in any weather
Take you to your limit, show you how we do it on my level

Verse 3
Some say that less is more............more or less
If I give you my all tonight would you think of me as more than just...
...A hook up? Look up, so I can stare into your eyes
And Imma give it to you fast, in a slow amount of time...
She bitin on my lips, Im pullin on her hair,
Got her scratchin on my back but a nigga dont care
Quickie in the car together, freshen up and fold the chairs
Later on we in your room, kissin like theres no air
Im layin next to you, listenin to your heart beat
I could hear it beatin quicker when you put your hands on me,
If you gotta man, it dont gotta be problem
If you want a change, I could be your extra option
If sex is all you thinkin bout, I can get you mindfucked
You can get lost with me, no one has to find us
I can be your doctor, she say she got an emergency
And she needs it now, so I gave her sex therapy

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