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Boys And Girls Mixtape by Olu

Released on Sunday, February 13th, 2011
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Under The Sheets (featuring Ellie Goulding) Lyrics (by Olu)

Under The Sheets

Verse 1
Whatever happens under the sheets is between you and me
But between me and you, baby you is a freak
And aint nobody compete with we or come between...
You, the piece completin me, best believe
Jeez, but errytime I get a second to myself,
You keep blowin up my phone like theres a problem with your health
And if I push ignore, it'd be like goin to war
She say that it aint a thing, but can I hit it? hell no
Tellin me she aint mad, now I gotta make it up to her
How she do that shit? Think Im in love wit her
Cause baby you that bitch, which bitch? my bitch.
And all them other bitches aint got shit
You cool for me
I got that D-Wade flow, been spittin that heat
I think its true what they say, that opposites attract
Cause its a fact when you're talkin bout us, dont gotta ask

Verse 2
Always lookin so fly, gotcha wings on
Even got my own songs as your ringtones
Im the funny type, and you like to laugh
You a fun chick, and I like your laugh
But sometimes I just think that you forget
That givin me too much is gonna make me want less
Girl dont get me wrong, you da-you da fuckin best
But under them sheets you lookin like a mess
Dont gotta beg for attention, Imma give it to you
Better yet, gimme a mic and Imma spit it to you
You know I aint finished witchu, till I say Im finished witchu
All we really got is time, and Im spendin plenty witchu
Busy on my grind.......Spittin ryhmes,
Go to work, go to class, kick it with you in my freetime
I just need a little rest, Imma keep it real
You soundin like a hot mess, girl you need to chill

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