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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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BEEF Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Now that's some Bullshit
A lot of rappers talk a lot of beef
got gats, wit full clips
Balls 'bout as big as those Rocky-Mountain-Oysters
You Aint sayin nothin’ just makin a lot of noises
They aint tougher than leather, you gots to keep steppin’
In video's:
look at the rumps,
on these heifers
Young tenderloins
gotta skin their hides
For the meal ticket,
Xzibit can Pimp 'dey rides
What the U-S-D-A say?
Grade A Prime
So that’s a prime-time slot,
Just to say they shine
For the 30 seconds of fame,
you can't resist
But seven days in your colon and you still aint sh#t!

It's waay too many lives at steak (stake)
the soldier say
He supposed to be the Macho Man
See you holdin' on to some Beef Jerkey knock it out yo’ hand
"Cookin" in a foreign land?
watch the beef, stew
The women and the Children on the ground,
that’s beef too
And both sides claim God, missing the focus...
cuz one say "Halal"...
the other say "Kosher”
They Both hate pigs
love Abra"ham"
and Moses
so why we see commandments broken?
Moses talked to God on the mountain,
when he came back down...
The people started worshipping cash cows
Today we got the U-S-D-A
trynna leave their mark
It's all politics,
slaughterhouses-chop those parts
Now ANY grade less,
than the US-Select
Still serve you that beef,
but did you know it was Processed?

America consume mo' beef,
Than every country on the earth
even toddlers Obese
A quarter pound burger you can pick on the Menu
some people don't like it (rare),
forbidden to Hindu's
and "vegetarians" won't be beefin against you...
the same category,
Pork chicken and fish too
Get all 'their Protien from Soy, Rice and Beans
now these vegans on another level,
rebel to Ice Cream
It might seem crazy but the flow don't stop
Hippies say they don't need roast,
to smoke no pot
Now da U-S-D-A say "recall that beef"
cuz the C-O-W was M-A-D
But the farmers keep fillin'em up,
We keep killin' for what?
the "Beef" keep "sizzlin"
Mike was a "Bull" Now we got King james
some [email protected] dont like "Kobe" but he still got game
Who want Beef???

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