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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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DESTINY (of the Phoenix) Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

In the Beginning it was darkness, Let it Be Light...
Heaven Sent him
Let'em Breathe Life
I was Bred to Lead
Second thing
Blessed to Squeeze Mics...
If Hip Hop is wrong I could Never be Right, see
Music is my Therapy...
Sick of all the Wack Emcee’s, sellin' me dat Celery...
Talkin' all that sex to me...
Treasury and Cheddar Cheese...
Jailin' me with Felonies...
Weaponry they Never Squeeze...
Ejectin’ Me Lead Debris...
I'm not the Hater, You a Player I'm the Referee...
with the whistle...
"Check out the Melody"
You can be the Best Emcee
from West to East
and never be Celebrity...
Maybe when you "Rest in Peace"
Let's agree...
You don't want War
You should run and be a refugee...
Whether coming or goin’
I'm runnin where the Rebels be...
Aint nobody touching me
I guess they think it’s Leprosy
It prolly be the Death of Me
Body and Soul, Seperately

When they arrested me,
Let's see I was One, Plus Seventeen
Never Dreamed...
Tell me how you can when you never sleep
Far from Freddies Elm Street
gotta stay alert behind that Metal Screen
Criminals and Killers wit that expertise...

Puffin' Evergreen...
Hustle, Work, Every Means
C-O’s searching everything
“Hold these and cough”
the pipes that connect the sink...
Gang members laced up, Ready to eat
Predators praying for peace
We studied the language that the Arabs speak
Abdur Rahim...

You got beef we could Squash it like a Jelly Bean
My aim to Gain-
“to Afford Better things"...
Maybe the Fame...
porshe set of Keys

Brains mentally in Chains,
gotta set ‘em Free...
Nobody can Rescue me
Especially from myself and Me
So I wrestle me,
and Question me,
Betta’ Clean that Mirror that Reflected me...
Serious Expression B...
How could this be my Destiny?

They say Experience the Best to Teach...
Gotta keep a shield and a Sword,
that's Necessity
The Lord must be testin' me...
Best Believe,
Enemies and Friends standin’ next to me...
Many of the first
and We knooow how the second be...
‘lotta "Yes-Men"
Sayin “Yes” to Me...
Momma always said,
"boy you gotta Check their Recipe"...
Listen what they tellin' me-
"How much they respected me"
Jealousy and Treachery was Buried in their Chest Beneath...
And now the "He Said-She Said"
That was Never Me...
I get it from the Main Source, Like Extra P
Cuz If it's just a rumor
I remove it from the memory
Prove to be It true,
then Let us See Who got the Remedy
Neva let them Devils see
That Hell in Me
it's better we
should Never Speak,
Let'em Leave,
Regret it Please...
They Only Bringing out the Best in Me...
The Top Pedigree's
Got Hella Fleas, Dawg...
It’s called Destiny

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