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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Dragon Slayer Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

One Be Lo is like Shaft wit the fro...
On an African coast...
Even if the action is slow,
I’m rapid with flow...
Anybody making hits
Tell the rappers you know...
My vocals pitch from the “Booth”,
Like Satchel the pro
See me lookin’ like Atlas, when he handle the globe...
I see you lookin’ like Alice, Wonderland is your home
It makes me wonder if you practice your flow...
Or it must be a practical joke...
You aint tough ‘cuz you pack in your flow
You the type to lose Bladder control...
The only thing you shootin’ is cameras, to capture a pose...
I can tell be the stains in the back of your clothes...
who’s runnin’ sh!t,
but you aint after the gold...
I aint gotta say it twice-
We know who got gadgets to go...
Like the Inspector got under his Hat and his coat...
#%^$ %*& $#^@ &^@#&^%&^%[email protected]
And you can still get the message like the caption is closed...
You can still have somethin’ from a gat in your nose
You can still have service, but the casket is closed...
It’s Too late to act friendly, now you’re casper the Ghost...
Obituary in the back of the post,

They was hoping the fat lady would sing
Instead here come’s the Rap Phantom
Whip, Johnny Cash in a black fabric...

Don’t hate me, in Haiti they call it Black Magic...
White shirts civilised, now the “Man” savage...
Half man, half dragon
Pants sag, in a trench, where they sand bag it- POW
What’s the difference between a Flag, and a bandana?
Uncle Sam, son of man, summer jam, Santana...
I’m the opposite, Imagine- attract magnets
On top of lillie pads, deep as Atlantis
Deep as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz family...
with a ham sandwhich...
Time to think fast...
You can’t handle,
Immo keep paddlin’ and splashin’ you kings in your sand castles

I’m the master

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