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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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GameCock Diesel Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Whether you trynna see G’s
or you trynna see Jesus
My people on lock-down
trynna see freedom...
I don’t know a lot,
but I know what the key is...
Some get it from the streets,
some get it from a teacher
Study all week then
Party on the weekend
I work all day catch me playin’ in the evening...
Trynna get some dough..
I need a lil cheese
but to top it all off I aint trynna make a pizza...
Fans show love for the Beats and the Speeches...
Groupies show love but I think they want a Penis...
[email protected]@az wanna hate but I think they wanna be this...
Lo could give a damn, you would think he was a Beaver...
You rappers with the contracts- see yaaa
Looks can be decieving...
You cooking but you aint eating
Wild Life with the Cheetahs and the Zebras...
I keep’em in the air Passport full of Visas
With Africans, Asians, Arabs and Europeans
Then Back to the states, Flyer than a Bald Eagle...
Everybody know so it really aint a secret
When I heard the beats, told D Will “that’s a keeper”
‘Might as well join cuz you sho’ can’t beat us...
You rappers cant test...
like substitute teachers...
Get paid to rock shows, ‘couple mo’ to do a feature...
Whoever get salty must walk and chew Peanuts...
Cuz when the Beat drop, guess who turn into a creature?
Even back then I was coming to the meetings...
Ever since...(inhale)
Young and doing reefer...
A Pontiac Prince now the King live in Egypt...

Last time I checked
I’m the Rhyme Architect, Who make lines connect
If you ask anybody if my time is next
They would Check...
the B-O-X
I’m fresh wit the tag still on, Size addressed
And that’s for my people wit no time to guess
I’m blessed wit the secret behold my success
I can tell you how I did it but yo- Why confess?
No time for stress...
No time for less- than givin it all I got when my mind is set...
If it don’t make dollars it’s dumb, blind, and deaf
Nothin’ wrong making dollars and sense (cents) Sign the check
When Lo end theories with No Tribe to Quest
Gotta have strategies in this game Life is Chess
Many claim Majesty and the Fame trynna impress
But I dont’ mate Kings only thighs and Breast...

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