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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Jenny Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

It’s so alone In that broken home...
She knew her daddy was a rollin’ stone
Momma stay working her fingers to the bone...

To keep the light rays on
Not raising her own
Grandmother playin the role
too gray and too old

So shorty had to teach herself the card play...
Now wit a Brother-Father missed,
She learned a lot of this the hard way...

The fast lane got nothing on her car chase
Bar place boyfriends,
Keep her looking Scarface...

Line snorters call her crime soldier...
Confiding in her fake ass friends...
Good luck, trynna find Solace...

Denim linen, over shed skinning cobras got the best feelin’ venom in’em,
told you not to mess wit’em
behind ya back bending
killin’ momentum,
Life’s OVER...
It’s time to rise like the Pipe smokin
Hydro and
High rollin’ and Dozin’
but only wit her eyes open...

Thermostat every where she turn,
see her own Breath when she breathing,
believing not even Ice colder...

A bitter taste the only thing she ever got out of life...
Can you explain how she made it this far with out God in her life...

Twenty Birthdays lived without Pops in her life...
Strange how da man change, wanna “pop” in her life...

Apologized at her gravesite,
The victim of a shooter- That’s right...
No happy endings...
and no reunions

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