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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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LabORhood Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

verse 1
Back up...
One Be Lo was doin’ art for the love...
Stick up...
Plea bargains with judge...
Don’t sleep, wake up...
smell the Star, to the Bucks
Wise up
now it’s all profit, property, market and such...
Pay up...
Skills sharper than a dart in my clutch
I aim High for the Bulls-eye, targets destruct
Adrenalin startin’ to rush, like a car with a drunk
I seen my door of opportunity was startin’ to shut
I forced my way in, like Jedi’s...with Jabba the Hut
Hut-Hut...Twenty yards, Steve Largent and cut...
Had to leave alone “Phillies”, no more sparkin’ the blunts
Now my game like “Barkley” with “Suns”
Stars and above
I’m a thoroughbred, emcee’s be talkin’ to us
But you aint sayin’ much, you mutts, you barkin’ with pups...
I be sayin’ “What, the f#%k”...
pardon my cuss
I leave better lines in heads, than barbers who cut
Ahhs and oohs(ooze)...
sorta like when lava erupts...
From the crowd, permanent smile, I’m carvin’ a pump...kin
somethin’ outta nuh-thin’, pockets with none...
Now I know about the profit (Prophet)
Ark and the Flood
Other rappers make it rain for the stripper showin’ parts in the club...
“Lo-Rain-a” make you “Bobb-it” and tuck
In a photoshoot, all of’em Mug...
Acting like they’ve been to the Core
they’re barely even hard to the crust
Sit you on the edge of the street...
they pick you up like the garbage on trucks...
I keep’em sittin’ on the edge of the seats...
Like Rosa Parks on a bus
Or see me in the Hood, sparkin’ the plugs...
Animated like Curious George-
Parliament funk,
jumpin’ outta the trunk
while you watchin’ car-tunes
Saturday afternoon,
outta ya bunk...
two different levels...
like bass and the trebel...
Ya equalizers gotta adjust, now people turn it up!!!

They ask me why I do this? I do this for-
Love, Allah, Bills, Opportunities, Revolution
for years people,
Land Agriculture, Beasts, Occupation, Resources
Large animals Bovine, Obedient, Reliable
or like the little animals
Locusts, Ants, Bee’s or Roaches
This is
Language Arts Based on Reality
they say
Lo Adventure’s Belong on Railroads
get it? tracks
Legendary Acclaimed Beyond Ordinary Ranks
Leader Among Billions of Rappers
they want these
Lyrical Abilities Blocked Over Radio
Thats when I say, “Welcome to the Laborhood”

Buy track LabORhood directly from One Be Lo (via Bandcamp).