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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Monkey Biz Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Who you Came with?
Who you gon’ Be with?
Who you Rollin with?
Who you gon’ Leave with?
Who you Came with?
Who you gon’ Be with?
Who you Rollin’ with?
Who you gon’ Leave with?

Never heard this before...
I came in the door feet-floor hands Luke SkyWalkin’ wit the force, Be-fore...
Anybody can roll with their keys
I can make sure you leave, wit a favorite sixteen
Starvin’ artist gotta eat...
I came with a new style,
S-U-B wit them ladies who can move crowds
too loud...
rollin’ with Twelves in the trunk
It’s too early to leave, We about to get it pumped, listen up...
Your favorite DJ know me llamo...
Came into Being,
rhymes roll off the tongue,
Never leave home without it like a credit card motto...
They’ still diggin’ in crates,
and rollin’ with Serato

Now if you came with a dude
Don’t Be an I-T-C-H, with a attitude
rollin’ with ya nose in the air, Emmy actin’ rude
Everybody mad at you
You can leave- gooooo
Ego, battered and bruised
‘cuz some niggaz act fool...
I Came with a hater-proof,
game might play with you
B-with an I-T-E like Sabertooth
Rollin like an Avalanche, this is how we play with you...
Freezin’ you leavin’ wit a Ambulance, taking you
I Came with the Massive Monkees on that Dance tip
B with the Boy mentality to smash shit,
Confident, You would think I roll with the arrogance
See you lookin’ rattled, Leave a battle with embarrassment...ent-
I think she came with her home girl
nothin’ like them other chicks, she be in her own world...
rockin’ rollin’ with a dope emcee...
After this, guess who leaving with the O-N-E?

Once upon a day time,
Critics tried to hate mine,
Came with a Plan A, Plan B with a great design...
I roll with a Grace Divine...
Truth Gravitate in the Booth, they can’t defy...
Hands up if you came with that stress on ya mind
And you looking to release that, Be with me and mines
We can reach that goal, Come and have a good time
You can Roll in a soul train line...
And Leave with a Gold Chain Shine...
You heard it on the Airwaves,
I came with the “Hang-time”
Mikes (mics) on the (Bassline) Base line
B- with a A-N-G not a gang sign
Real killers roll wit a Thang on the side
Make you leave wit the 8 lives...
One-time if ya brain ain't wise...

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