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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Ox y Moron Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

You know you got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’
when the checks start comin’
and you grew up with nothin’
The meals aint stretchin’
and the Bills aint stressin’
got the ill shit electric
and you still aint accustomed/
New Money-
used to be the food stamp lunchie...
King Sized-
used to be the Boot Camp bunkie...
From Studio to Two-Stories, fam’ gotta eat up...
the Jones got 3 what?
you know you gotta keep up
“F” Livin’ Large, New Money livin’ DELUXE...
Walkin’ out the Mall, lookin’ awe, from the feet up...
G’d up...
guest list in all the V-I-P clubs
You used to bring the fake I.D. trynna sneak up
In highschool invisible,
you didn’t speak up...
Now we see you...
You actin’ like you don’t see us,
The people that you grew up with...
You don’t call’em back
Now they think,
that you think,
that you’re all of that...

Say Make Money Money/ Make Money Money Money/
Some people/ pirates/ and Tyrants/ they take Money Money
My Pockets wanna be Giant I save Money Money
From Michigan to Switzerland Bank Money Money
Spend Money bring it to an end Money Money
Some hands Bloody/ Murda/ Kill Kill for the Money...
My soul not for sale but I deal with the Money
Little House on the Hill but it’s still Money Money

Welcome to New Money Country
Full of new Funny Duddies
Old crew Buddy Buddy...
Here you see the most Obscure types,
Turn into the most Popular guy or girl over night...
The Bank can’t hide new money,
Everybody got they hands out
At your door,
Pocket tug-of-war
weigh your pants down...
This give a gold digger tickets to Advance now...
Back then you couldn’t get the number...
But now she gave you the address, the place where she slumber...
Just in case you thought she had a change of heart...
The only change, come in small bills...
She will accept a credit card

Make Money Money Fake Money Money Money
The Church say the Hurst/ Cars/ Faith/ Money Money
No Pape’s, in the Chase/ for that case full of Money
No Pace to Waste in ya Race for the Money

How somebody with an N-F-L salary
Go to jail, trying to sale a Hundred dollar bag of weed?
New Money might take you out the Ghetto
But it can’t take the Ghetto out of you,
if you asking me
She drove a Nissan, Never had no Gas...
Now she drive E Class...
Still got No class...
Loud in the Restaurant
Sailor kinda vocab...
She Claim that she keepin it real, psssh...
Don’t ask...
New Money make you Change your ways...
You used to Claim Lay-Away
but now you same day take-away...
A New car, New Place to stay...
The situations look different...
but some things never change...
You used to go to the Park shootin’ fade aways
Now you in the Backyard, both rims Breakaway...
You used to turn the game on to see the Picture
But now you wanna see the Pistons...
season tickets...
Old money in the ‘Burbs livin’ way good,
Here comes the New Money,
There goes the Neighborhood...

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