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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Rabbit Food Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Lettuce Begin
The veggie-table of contents
I give you a parsnip-pet
When then DJ start to Spin-ach
I put the songs on wax,
they want a couple pears (pairs)...
Search da barrel for bad apples
but none is there

now I plant seeds and bury the bone
in different area codes
on blackberry,
or windows
Easy a peel (appeal) like bananas
The man with the plan-tain
Keepin it organic
Over deez golden beets
I y’am so sweet
A different grain,
I'm known to rice on a beach
U could say I'm a fungi
party in a plush room
You feelin blue in ya small world-
like mushrooms
It aint hard to tell a smurf from a Gargamel
Father, Sun Tzu strategy, behind my art of sale
Protect ya Neck-tarine
Cuz all these crabs in a bucket..
Just wanna see ya record sales Plum-met

Crime pays but you not a felon
Honeydew jail
Waiting for dispatch like a watermelon
I'm in the lime light,
not because my art is sellin’
Rhymes Automatic-
lemon squeeze like mac 11

Now Who's that Pecan thru my window
nobody now dats ta-ma-to
You might say ta-may-to
I'm 24 carrot underground
Just imagine if my sound made it mango
They say its for the love and the Passionfruit
That’s when I say get deez nuts,
we got checks to cash-ews...
I got a academia in macadamia
Neva like pimp-artichoke- slappin ladies up...
I metaphor (met her for) pickles in the jar
Or- I might blaze grapes in her face,
Still raisin (raising) the bar
And you granola emcees can't handle those
I see cabbage folks
they (see)C-antelope

-Green Machine like McHale Kevin
I'm chile chill
red is familiar,
my name ring a bell pepper
"Stalking" ya’ "ears",
you might turn corn
Same rappers turn “pop”
when the heat turn on

When the flame turn orange
Time to do dat shit...
If its still hard to be leave
I prune that shit
Pomegranate don't panic,
I'm the cherry on top of the Ice Cream
I squash beef,
Thank you berry much

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