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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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rootS Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

A long time ago they used to calle’m Clans or Tribes
And Politics, played a part in how you planned your Bride
Gave a man his Pride
A name wasn’t just a name
And don’t be gettin’ blamed,
puttin “Us” to shame...
Now a days, kids running away
Like water run in a drain
Then a prodigal son he Be-came
At the Family Reunion,
a couple of names...
I forget-
‘But I remember that summer was Great
Some of us “late”
I remember the ones in the Grave...
Uncle Johnny with his fishing pole, Bucket and Bait
Uncle George at the Holidays, Stuffin’ his face...
Young Oggie brushing his fade...
Nothing but waves...
Some of my friends and family,
One, and the same
And we aint even gotta have the same blood in our veins
I got brothers from different mothers
we call friends cousins...
I give’m my all
I know they like that I love it

Sometime’s it’s hard walking a narrow...
Path straight, like an Archer with Arrow
These last days, Dark as my shadow...
Target practice on you tall-tale, Towers of Babel...
One Be Lo to wack rappers like, Water to Pharoah...
Hard to the marrow, or bone
X-Rays often examine
Our D-N-A strands say our father was Adam
Til every brother, Every sister, play they part in the family
I’m the voice, that you listen on a mission with Cap D
Social commentary yo that’s me...
See a problem,
Bring solution person,
rap version of Black seed
Serious as cancer, whats the answer, you ask me?
Five Pillar dimension, pay attention it’s tax free...
Seeking pardon, this road could lead to gardens
My jargon Original
they say it sound “like” a bargain...
A message to whoever wanna spark it...
Remember yo
You battle
One Man alone...
That’s known as an Army

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