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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Snake Charmer Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Made for love...
Made for love...
Made for love...
Made for love...

So many Struggles to get here
I packed a lot of gear
‘Cuz momma said I “got some mountains to climb”...
My step father showed me how to work
so I gave it a shot...
Everyday the clock started at Nine...
Ended at Five
that’s not enough-
I started walking with Cane...
Like people do,
when their opiticals blind...
And reading Braille lines
that hustle and Rob, landed jail time,
Finally I asked God for a sign...
“Free” style
plus the Option to Rhyme...
I do it for the Love
plus the Wallet and shine...
For Blue collars alike
for anybody getting dollars with crime,
For college minds...
Hip Hop is alive
But now a days the real shit is harder to find...
And if you spittin’ real shit, it’s hard to get signed...
‘Cuz the game is full of Decepticons
I even had to transform
But I did it like I’m Optimus Prime...
I must have been ahead of the clock and my time
jottin’ these lines,
‘cuz years later, still you gotta rewind...
Now record labels come with the contracts,
to lock me in a bind
Nigga pleez,
Is you outta ya mind???

It’s not enough time...
It’s not enough time...
It’s not enough time...
For me...
To change your mind

So many Snakes in this Game trying to gain your trust
So many Haters make it seem, like it aint no Love...
Is it the egg in the Skillet, or my brain on drugs?
Got me addicted to this music ‘til my Gray grow much
You can feel it when you hear it in the way Lo bust
They aint livin’ what they spittin’ they just make flows up...
But if your beats aint loud
or you got a weak style
You can try to move the crowd
but it aint gon’ budge...
Never will go pop,
but I will Blow up...
On the Internet they sayin’ that I changed, so what...
All my real fam know me and you aint Lo judge...
If ya “boy” can’t change-
“man” he can’t grow up...
Time to get that Raid
gotta spray those “bugs”
Gotta make those moves
Time to lace those Dunks
Trying to see new thangs
gotta make those bucks
Money on the table
Record labels bank on us...

And they charge us the Interest...
God’s Intervention...
This talent got me looking like a Star from a distance...
They argue and defend this
to grab their slice...
I should Arson the building
but that aint right...

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