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LABOR by One Be Lo

Released on Monday, September 5th, 2011
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Tails from the Hood R.a.t.s. Lyrics (by One Be Lo)

Before we had email or cell phones, I rolled wit a tight crew
You caught me wit them Hazel eyes, maybe I like you
Hesitated to make the right move, cuz ya brother truly was my dude,
We Hoop together in Highschool
And I was a player on the court- off the court...
all the sports
But I couldn’t disrespect my mans sis...
We kept it on the cool tip,
even tho we flirted in classes

‘Complimented my game face...
You hit me with the seven digits...
I called you the same day
The coolest female i swear,
Ya mother passed same year, shed a tear, but my shoulder was there
We shared secrets and all that
Voice mail beef if I didn’t pick it up
But you know that I’ll call back...
pick it up pick it up

After school I went away for a couple of years
Just handle your biz
your daughter’s gettin big...

I came home,
old friends,
most of’em “x’ed” off, the list
me and you,
pick it up where we left off

My truck pulled up to her home...get in
She never liked my music turned the radio on
She said “Rahlo you my nigga and I love you so...
But i’m a Mary J fan, not a One Be Lo”

That’s cool, I never asked
My girl ghetto fab
Her baby daddy sent upstate for selling crack...
She Pick it up, when He called collect
Love this...ring that...she think his mind correct

He came home,
moved in,
knocked her up,
moved out
consequences cant rewind,
second time

She said “it felt like, the whole world hit the floor”
I said “you gotta pick it up girl, the time is yours”

She said, “I’m the only person in the world she could talk too...
so please pick it up if I call you”
She felt like she didn’t have a reason to go on...
I told her she was so wrong...
Them babies need a mommy to hold strong

Man problems...
fam problems...
bill problems...
health problems...
“Please lord can you help solve’m”

She feeling better and strong
Big smile on my face, when she say she picked it up and read the Qur’an
couldn’t pick it up, when she called me that day
excited for her daughters birthday party on Saturday

Now Sunday, I get a call from an unknown number...
I usually answer these calls with reluctance
It’s Her, calling from a hospital room...
with i.v.’s in her body...
she sad cuz she missed the party
Nobody knows what’s going on...
Doctors wanna keep her for a couple of days, her blood is drawn
She so strong, crackin jokes as usual
I’m on tour doing Lo, beautiful musicals
Checked the voice mail and I’m laughing when-
She talking shit,
cuz she called last night,
I couldn’t answer it

My sister called the next day...asking
“What happened to ya girfriend, I heard she passed away”

I can’t believe what I heard...
I called her phone but she didn’t pick it up so now I’m all concerned
I called back...
she didn’t pick it up,
so I called her grandmother scared to ask but it was all confirmed...
The news hit me like a mack truck, that sucks...
She called last night, but I couldn’t pick it up...

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