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Mission Blvd. by One Drop

Released on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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1492 Lyrics (by One Drop)

1492 by James Alger

A long time ago in the town of Genoa
Came a merchant clerk and son of a weaver
Commissioned by Spain to return with gold
With 3 ships and 89 sailors
The routes to the East were controlled by the Turks
Who just conquered Constantinople
So they sailed to the West cause the Earth was round
To arrive in the East in a circle

October 12th land was reached
Where they were greeted by friendly natives
Out of ignorance they called them Indians
Cause they thought that they'd arrived in Asia
The natives were Arawak from the island of Haiti
At the time called Hispaniola
With their olive skin and decorative hides
Around there ears hung gold ornaments

Poisoned with greed the men slaughtered the tribe
And took what little gold they had
The Santa Maria was wrecked
So they took her timbers
And supplies to build Fort Navidad
For the next 3 years the natives would mine
As slaves to the Europeans
A quota of gold earned you a token to wear
Without your token it would cost you your limbs

What are you willing to pay for progress
Killing off another race for progress
What are you willing to pay for progress
Killing off another race for progress

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