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Mission Blvd. by One Drop

Released on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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Long Time Lyrics (by One Drop)

Long Time by James Alger

How many rivers must I cross?
To have you back in my arms again
How much pain will it have to cost?
Quit breaking my heart this way
Cause I never wanted to let go
Girl your slipped right through my hands
I want to show you so much more
Doesn't look like I'll get the chance

Since you've left my mind seems broken
Need a little help to repair
It may not work but girl I was hoping
If you act like you used to care
Pretend to show me love
Pretend to be with me
I'd rather pretend then have nothing
We've traveled this far
You might as well stay
To find another so far away

I just don't think I can do it again
I'm finding it hard just to be friends
Cause you were my girl all to myself
How long will it take to accept
Your with someone else?

A long long time
Its gonna take a long long time

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