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Mission Blvd. by One Drop

Released on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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Sorry Excuse Lyrics (by One Drop)

Sorry Excuse by James Alger

I'm lying in bed
With my tenny-shoes on
So I can run for help
Cause tonight it's going down
He's been drinking all day
And claims he can't find any work
Like a time bomb set by the liquor
Somebody's bound to get hurt
It starts off with name calls and cursing
He breaks her down with low self-esteem
Once the bottles empty things start to worsen
From the bedroom I can hear them both scream
Accusations about one cheating on the other
A sorry excuse for a man
Through the crack of the door I can see him
Smack her with the back of his hands

I hop out the back window
And I'm running just as fast as I can
To the payphone at the liquor store
So I can call the police man
Operator, operator an emergency
Send me an ambulance
Cause my mom is getting beaten as I'm speaking
And I don't know how much time she has

I run back to an eerie cold silence
As I walk through the door
I take a step sadly notice
Momma lying on the kitchen floor
Face first still breathing badly beaten
As the blood drips straight from her chin
When I was running for some help he beat her with a dumbbell
The kind that you find at the gym

I wrap a towel around her head
And I hold her close in my lap
All around us is broken glass
And the sofa's lying on its back
He returns as the cops show up
And they take his sorry ass to jail
She recovers with her stitches and forgives him
And she even helps post his bail

You'd think she would learn a little lesson
And decide that its time to move on
But when its time for subpoena she pretends that
There's no body home
He say's he's sorry for the trouble
The abuse in the past is all done
But I pay no attention cause he's drinking
And I go to bed with my shoes on

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