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The Waterfront Tape Cassette by Oyster Boy

Released on Monday, August 24th, 2009
More lyrics from The Waterfront Tape CassetteNo Escape, Things Are Stale, Years Of Wasted Sound, The Waterfront, Thanks For Ruining My Day With Information, Nothing Is On TV Again, Gray-Blue And Green, Re-Watching The Warriors In NoLita, Ritual,

All Flowers And Trees Lyrics (by Oyster Boy)

Everybody hopes they'll live forever; young on beaches, young in dorms together. I've got a girlfriend now. She thinks I'm all right, so I'll let it go when she gets high without me tonight. And when she bleats about being young, I'll think of an old man saying "Live while you have it, son." I don't have time for your negativity. I'm killing myself with women in New York City. If you want to waste your youth in medical school, I wouldn't do it to myself, but yeah, that's cool. Your boy, does he always smile so wide? Is it hate for me that keeps you up awake at night? Good! That's what I planned! You're not special and you're not beyond reprimand. When it's time for you to die, will you cry? Will call out my name when you're ill? I think you will.

FREE Download: Oyster Boy - All Flowers And Trees.mp3 (via Bandcamp).