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The Waterfront Tape Cassette by Oyster Boy

Released on Monday, August 24th, 2009
More lyrics from The Waterfront Tape CassetteNo Escape, Things Are Stale, Years Of Wasted Sound, The Waterfront, Nothing Is On TV Again, All Flowers And Trees, Gray-Blue And Green, Re-Watching The Warriors In NoLita, Ritual,

Thanks For Ruining My Day With Information Lyrics (by Oyster Boy)

And right now there’s nothing that I want to know. All this information is a horror show. And I’ve got my reasons for taking it slow. It keeps me far from what I don’t want to know. When nothing is a mystery, I get anxious as hell. So please don’t tell me any more today. All these putrid vision assaulting my brain! They just make me angry or fill me with doubt. I want to get in my bed and never come out. Thanks for burdening my head with what everyone has said. When you go home, you pick up the phone and talk shit about kids in your room alone. I can’t take it, can’t watch you fake it. What’s worse, I know that everybody wants to be your friend because you know all the shit, but it doesn’t make your own shit smell good. So what else do you do except sit around and talk about people who can’t hear the sound of your tongues sharp lashes? Are they still your friends? Will you make nice to them when you seem them next? And I know when I leave, you’ll be moaning about me. When you go home, you pick up the phone and talk shit about kids in your room alone. But I don’t need this. You’re not worth it. You’re all bad news. I’m gone. Fuck you.

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