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Etymology by Oyster Boy

Released on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
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Videotaping The Ocean Lyrics (by Oyster Boy)

I came to the city with a suitcase in my hand and the only street map that I could understand. I thought I could fend for myself; I thought I was a man. I knew a girl in the neighborhood somewhere with non-prescription glasses and had bleached-blonde hair. I thought I might take her for a spin; I didn’t have a plan from there. But if there were a bell I could ring for every time I’m wrong, it would ring, it would ring, it would ring. Ring that bell, you heathen, over the sea. Yeah, ring that bell, you heathen, for me.

So of course all the plentiful plans I had laid were quickly undone in embarrassing ways. She wasn’t going to save me; she could barely inhabit her space. I wrestled with the ghosts of the Bowery, shook my fists at angels on the Coney Island Beach. I waited for an answer. Was there nothing here for me? And now I’m in the water down at Sunset Beach. The seagulls make a choir on the sinking debris, and when the ship goes under, I will still have the memory. If there’s a bell in that lighthouse to ring for every single time that I’ve realized I don’t know a thing, ring that bell, you heathen, over the sea. Yeah, ring that bell, you heathen, for me.

I was a sinner and I was a loser––I just wanted to get laid. But you were an idol and you taught me baseball––you gave me a pastime game. I’m sorry if this song might hiss adoration into your chastised ears. It’s just I’ve been videotaping the ocean alone for so many years.

You are my brilliance and you are my conscience, you are my great White Whale. You are the drunk nights, the gentle reminders that everything I do will fail. And you are an ocean and you are a beach house, the sunset over Cape May. You are the mantra that helps me remember this whole world might be okay, someday.

FREE Download: Oyster Boy - Videotaping The Ocean.mp3 (via Bandcamp).