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Kuiper Belt by Paper Vultures

Released on Monday, April 25th, 2011
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One Hour Until Impact Lyrics (by Paper Vultures)

You used to sit around and never did anything
So tell me how you’ve spent your life my friend
You look through a window see your life passing by you
And time is running out so fast

All it takes is a first step and you are on your way
Let’s set sail across the seas into the unknown

I’m standing next to you
You are dancing in the light
We can spend some time together tonight
You were made for me you were made for me

Maybe you can catch up
Open your eyes and feel free
Maybe you can break down
Shackles that hold you to the ground

The end is here and you regret
The time you’ve spent on your pitiful games
The end is here and you regret
So much

Buy track One Hour Until Impact directly from Paper Vultures (via Bandcamp).