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People Get Ready by People Get Ready

Released on Saturday, October 9th, 2010
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Margins. Lyrics (by People Get Ready)

so much for recognition/ you don’t need me for that/
in the sweat of my face/ I’m not getting anywhere/

let’s strip down to the essence/ away with all the rest/
throw me into the deep end/ see what will happen next/

make sure/ make sure/ you’ve still got my back/
make sure/ you’ve got your eyes on me/
come on/ come on/ set my heart on fire/
come on/ and put my world to rights/

so much for entertainment/ we amuse ourselves to death/
we bring nothing to the table/ that you do not possess/

let’s end every discussion/ put your words into my mouth/
I’m singing from the margins/ but I cannot tone it down/

so much for repetition/ you’ve heard it all before/
put my words into action/ let’s not argue anymore/

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