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Point Below Zero EP by Point Below Zero

Released on Friday, February 3rd, 2012
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No Drugs For Jake Lyrics (by Point Below Zero)

Feeble and despicable that plants a wicked terror
Filling my eyes they’re just fading and fading again
Feeling social, to breathe the closer untimely breath
Close your eyes and never be the same again

Wrapped up in night I drift to silence
Let’s grab a drank and let’s pretend we are friends
Talk like you own the place you have no idea
Then wake up sick again.

Put this tiny piece of paper on your fucking tongue
My mind is searching am I really leaving everyone
Our thoughts are gone and this isn’t making any sense
Land is fading and there isn’t any evidence.
Of what was here before,
Before I placed this tab in my mouth
It leeks in my mind so quick
Am I really losing it?

Mushrooms I want mushrooms
Grind them and make a tea
Processed the same as that wicked LSD!
Stuck in my mind, just like an on switch
This plant is giving me that nervous twitch
It’s so intense, I want this feeling some more
Grab the bag eat like a filthy whore!

Pills now on my mind I must consume this,
Pink round and crumbling, chemists would have a fit!
They failed to mention where these were made
A chemical delight wraps round my brain

Now I have a disorder
From what was done, my brain is no longer chemically intact
From these temptations that stand before me.