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Released on Thursday, April 14th, 2011
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Crossed out Lyrics (by PRESSURE)


wires cut, no strings attached
dropped, you're left on your own
you're feeling empty, want to be part
seeking a crutch right from the start

pushing back, cut the crap,
face your past, I'm still trying
pushing back, the easy path,
just a trap, I'm crossed out

I'm gonna spend this life alive
you settled, you're sinking, you just survive
all the shit that you promote
addictions shoved down my throat

everything's crashing down
without making a fucking sound
I'm crossed out
take a pill, follow the crowd
I stand against, I'm shouting it out loud
I'm crossed out

raging tides pulling me under
holding onto my thoughts
I'm left to wonder why you
build it up to watch it all burn
sucks the life out your veins, there's no return

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