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It's All Relative by Project Mayhem

Released on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
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Coming Home Tonight Lyrics (by Project Mayhem)

Trees are green but the leaves are brown
Comin back to my home town
Baby baby there’s no need to frown tonight

Grass is green and the sky is blue
Comin home just to talk to you
Baby baby I know what we’ll do tonight

I’ll be there, for you, my love

Lie in bed but I can’t sleep
Close my eyes and count some sheep
In my dreams is where you’ll creep tonight

You’re the star of every dream
My true love is what it seems
What is meant to be will be tonight

You said you’d never go away
I never meant to leave your side
I dreamt of holdin’ you oh so tight
Well now I’m back and I’m here to stay
Why did you have to leave that night?
I won’t part from you again

Your skin is softer than a rose
Symphony of love composed
(You’ll) take away all my woes tonight

I love you and you love me
We’re one happy family
This one seed can grow a tree tonight

I will never leave your side
Now I finally understand
Why you runaway and hide
I’m not here to hold your hand
Come with me to this place
Can’t you see this change was meant to be
It’s so nice to see your face

I’ll be there, for you, my love

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