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It's All Relative by Project Mayhem

Released on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
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Dearly Beloved Lyrics (by Project Mayhem)

Sometime in yesterday
I found myself with you
But the feeling of chill that I now bear
Is Unacceptable
I looked on you with loving eyes
You tore away all my pride
You lied, cheated, and stole my love
Tell me now how does it feel

I remember the good times
We felt so free
I lifted you up when you were down
You did the same for me
Your selfish side took control
You broke my heart you've got no soul
Your pocketed heart is empty now
Does it still beat for you?

I stand strong by myself
While you stagger sheepishly
I cared for you and you the most
You loved me but what about he
Now you call me late at night
Looking for my sympathy
Well you better start looking somewhere else
Cause it ain’t comin from me

You consider yourself to be insecure
I consider myself to be very sure
telling secrets that no ones supposed to hear
living life as if I am the one to fear
Now you look at me as I have gone away
Nothing left for you to fucking say

Whoa Yeah

I consider myself abused by your insecurity
Beyond the shadow of doubt, your lack of purity
You took me to the end of the world, you said to me
Through the smoke that you blew in my face, now you set me free

Whoa Yeah

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