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It's All Relative by Project Mayhem

Released on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
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It's All Relative Lyrics (by Project Mayhem)

Your eyes disguise your ways around me
Can't hide your pride until you've found me
Who needs to feel loved anyway
You fear those words I dare not say

You'd chance this dance outside your boundries
This dark romance too bad you found me
Who needs to feel loved anyway
How can you feel what you can not say

The light shines through her hair
More than I'll ever know
Once what was nothing now
Does nothing more but grow

A new love I have found
Trudged through by happiness
But my reflection shows
The face of what once was

Come to me now
Show me where to hide
This face

Why can't we be what we want to be
Why can't we see what we want to see
Why can't we breathe and laugh and love and live be free with me
Oh baby

Come to me now
Show me where to hide

And now we walk and talk and think all day about what to say but
We both know deep inside that we can hide in each others arms and
I did not know you were there all along but you
Took me by surprise with that look in your eyes
on the night when I told you "I love you" baby

Come to me now
Show me where to hide

And now I look outside these eyes
Theres so much more to life
It's all what you choose to see
You can be free

To turn a negative
into a positive situation
relieve frustration, end complication,
from our perspective
It's All Relative

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