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Light by Protolith

Released on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
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I, alone Lyrics (by Protolith)

Moments of inner turmoil, i've only been gleaning.
Spending all that useless time hopelessly believing,
save the day I see your back when you are finally leaving.
Somber cry, short goodbye--
For you and I, I'll be bereaving.

Hours of ticking clockwork, I have been but dreaming.
Wasting all that useless thought, selfishly deceiving.
Deluded hopes of love anachronize my breathing.
Thoughts unrequited, only blighted--
For you and I, I will be craving.

Days of lonely ennui, I've been by the phone.
Hoping by some volition you would come to call my home.
Marking all those countless days that I will spend alone.
Chalky signs in tallied lines--
For you and I, alone.

FREE Download: Protolith - I, alone.mp3 (via Bandcamp).