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Amorum Tali by Purple Rhinestone Eagle

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Earth to Temper the Fire Lyrics (by Purple Rhinestone Eagle)

You’re disappearing now into the night
Your hands gently let go of mine
This is the hardest part for me
And I fall into a fitful sleep

Oh baby, what have you done to me?

Time and distance will be the judge
If what we have to hold is enough
Your lips on mine have made their mark
And I can’t think of anybody else

Oh baby, what have you done to me?
You’ve bewitched my heart so effortlessly

Oh, my pretty bird, please fly back to me

I can’t even look at these pictures of you no more
I can’t touch the things you left in my room
When you’re in love and love disappears
Treasured objects become instant despair

I feel so hot and something strange is coming over me
I’m not afraid to say your love is what I need
The Earth keeps spinning; we have this moment in time
Then we’ll be dust again in the blink of an eye

I don’t know…
When will I see you again?

Buy track Earth to Temper the Fire directly from Purple Rhinestone Eagle (via Bandcamp).