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Amorum Tali by Purple Rhinestone Eagle

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Sleep, Golden Sleep Lyrics (by Purple Rhinestone Eagle)

The queen of street cats, the patron saint of the ravens
Told me of a vision she once had
Up on the mesa where stories begin to unlay
The black hawk circles and opens the doorway

Yellow sun gives way to purple moon
Twilight skies bathe us in turquoise blue

Step into new worlds, step into your own mind
The secret spirals, the sequence of Dreamtime
These ancient dances make constellations and patterns
We’re air and matter
We are the storm that gathers

So pull your card and play the chosen hand
What we have isn’t ours to understand

Oh cosmic serpent
Your silence kills me
So many riddles
So many quandaries

Golden sleep falls upon us again
Our eyes will be the pools that cool dragons

Buy track Sleep, Golden Sleep directly from Purple Rhinestone Eagle (via Bandcamp).