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Amorum Tali by Purple Rhinestone Eagle

Released on Saturday, March 14th, 2009
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Tidal Wave Lyrics (by Purple Rhinestone Eagle)

Feeling kind of manic and I’m losing my shit
Feeling pretty fucked up and I’m out of it
Infinities are slipping out of my hands
Like so many piles of sand

Dark thoughts come like a tidal wave
Feel my heart being washed away
My body dwells in another place
This hurts more than anything, you know

Music sweet music I need to caress
Pray the cycle breaks cause I can’t take a breath
Carry me gently to the land of sweet song
Loneliness chokes me and I can’t carry on

Don’t want to play the game so I’m gonna check out
I’m seeing some shit that I’m not all about
Everything’s wrong – there is no tenderness
Everyone’s lost their reason to live

Floating face down in the river of consciousness

Buy track Tidal Wave directly from Purple Rhinestone Eagle (via Bandcamp).