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Asterisk: One by qn5

Released on Friday, July 19th, 2002
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Heads Up Lyrics (by qn5)

From: Tonedeff – “Heads Up” (12”)
Written by: Tonedeff
Produced by: Domingo

Heads Up! If you’re feeling the notion/
Let your mind be free and you don’t stop/
OH NO – Tonight is the night/
We’re set to get the party live.

Yo, open you eyes, heads up, Time to shine/
Rewind to find I was born with a mind to rhyme/
The sensational case, of impeccable taste for the placement of treble & bass/
Statements that accelerate when I’m wrecking the breaks/
In the second it takes me to erase any hecklers face/
I raise the stakes when I’m setting the pace/
And baby, that’s to move and don’t quit/
I got bitches nursing my dick with they holes cause they know that I’m so sick/
So, I keep my connections close knit/
I’m the usual culprit when you’re whole shit falls off like an old stitch
Got most of my foes bent, I suppose cause I flow swift/
You never need a bag of chewing tobacco to watch this pro spit/
I’m Tonedeff, whatever I want I go get/
Taking 4 of these hoes for the homestretch and they don’t even know yet/
Stick ya with speed and leave both sets of your clothes wet/
If you’re arrid, then you’re sure to get banned – No sweat.

Yo, I making this madness happen with the act of rapping/
So, savagely phat I even have the average handless man clapping/
Or tapping they toes, dancing in the jazziest fashion/
Taking they ass to step class to harass ‘em and ask if they absent/
Yo, cause when it’s time to take attendance/
I’m bending your very essence, even have St. Nick requesting your presence/
Connecting me to a mic’s weapon invention/
Just ask the inmates, I’ll cut you off before you finish your sentence/
The best @ getting attention on a regular rotation/
She gotta get down with no waiting, Cause Tonedeff is only so patient/
Some chickens won’t go down, cause they’re obsessed that their chests are for flotation/
So, yo, take it down for your notation/
New York, Miami, Chicago to Cali…the whole nation/
Heads banging, with standing ovations when I rock/
I got you saying Heads Up, like a hooker punching a time clock.

Cause we can bounce everyday. And if you Say word, we’ll bounce every way That we can do, bring your crew/ And Ladies get crazy/ Cause we can vibe all night/ And if you say Word, your feeling alright/ So Put your head up, head up/ And get up, get up, if you feel the Notion

Mic Check, 1—2/
The non-literal lady killers are coming to hunt you/
Never ask us just how much ass we run through/
I level the field, and if you we say we can kick it, then I’ma punt you/
End to end, inspecting and inventing trends Pressure your peers get all of your girlfriends to bend/
You like men, don’t stop the action to pause it/
Uh, you like chicks, then I’m watching that from the closet/
That ass is tapped like a faucet, I smack it and toss it-don’t know when to say when/
Cause yo, “We be Clubbing” like we were Cavemen/
I remember when you could Pay Ten, to enter the Playpen/
Now you paying $30 dollars to get your name in/
The Guest List, Mami wanna get nominated for best tits with the wet lips/
It’s obvious she’s a definite temptress/
We then split when I finished my set list/
We ate out with an appetite, ended up @ the bed & breakfast.

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