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Asterisk: One by qn5

Released on Friday, July 19th, 2002
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How U Doin? (feat. Mr. Mecca) Lyrics (by qn5)

From “Happy Fuck You Songs”
Written by: Tonedeff, PackFM & Mecca
Produced by: Tonedeff
©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/
The only words that we speak after wrecking your show
How U Doin?

We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/
The only thing that we say when we step to your ho
How U Doin?

It’s outrageous, The way I stay rippin up these stages/
I spit shit so sick, you wish it was contageous/
Spread like The Plague is with vibes like silent pagers/
Niggas kickin fake shit, blame it on the matrix/
You’re so wack that you’ll leave a theif screamin “I cant take this!”/
I get Biz like Mark, I’m catchin weck, you’re catchin vapors/
All you’re perpetratin’ is pure cetification/
That you wouldnt be as dope as me if you did ya best impersonation/
I still cant stand you, rhyme parapallegic/
Niggas thinkin I’m ill, ‘cause their raps are makin me sick/
So what you want from me?, Evacuate my company/
You could swallow my sperm, and wouldnt be spittin as nuts as me.

I’m cussin when I’m bustin frees, I’d love to see you fuck with T /
If I crush your team with cuts that means, I clutched you in my custody/
I touch a beat reluctantly, cause of what it does to me/
There’s something freakish up, it seems, I suddenly can jump the trees/
The function is perfunctory, with stunning ease I lunge for Greece/
And only cease, because, you see…I stumped my feet on Tuscany/
My running cleets were scuffed to pieces. MC’s are cunts in heat/
That scrub and clean for nothing, B – Their mugs are freakin’ ugly/
They’re clumsy in their drudgery. Shit…my tongue is tweaked abundantly/
My luxury money’s eaten by monthly fees/
In summary, I stunningly can stomach these abundantly unfunny geeks/
These scummy freaks are somewhat neat to hunt for weeks/
I strut the streets comfortably, cause punks duck in retreat/
I’m the one that makes you shun beliefs, like nuns & priests with cummy sheets/
I’ve brung complete sums of treats. You’re buggin how I strung this feat/
The subtlety is null indeed, so don’t confront us when we meet!


I will go all out, to humiliate you/
Burn through any squad that affiliates you/
That’ll give the kids on the corner something to chat about/
Give all these mad rappers something to be mad about/
I’m made for this, like guns was made to buck/
Got entertainers pissed, cause I break their legs for luck/
Stuck watching this son of southside who accomplished this/
Blocking this? Tell me how you plan to stop apocalypse/
That’s claiming to be all the flame & the heat/
And how we, reign in the street and put your name if defeat/
Have a seat…don’t ever come through acting loud/
Cause I will leave you slumped on that block you’re so proud of/
You bow, cause I always impress, always amaze/
Straight arsonist…constantly coming with blaze/
In another minute, you g’on wanna chase me/
Cause your vibe just can’t replace me, flow just can’t erase me/
I remain rhymer-proof, time constructed/
Forgive them father…they know not who they fuck with/
Cause as an MC, I stay baptized to bang/
While you could be crucified and still couldn’t hang/
Whoever think they got something for it, get up on it/
I’ll teach you and your crew what it means not to want it/
I don’t air out tracks…I ventilate, rhymes penetrate/
Crews disintergrate… it’s mecca’s way or the interstate.


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