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Asterisk: One by qn5

Released on Friday, July 19th, 2002
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Shag! Lyrics (by qn5)

From “Underscore”
Written by: Tonedeff
Produced by: Domingo
©2003 QN5 Music (ASCAP), Beatskillz (ASCAP)

Hook A
Come on, baby, I’m a rolling stone/
Don’t wanna conversate, I wanna take ya home/
And if ya, wanna take a pony ride, it’s on!
I wanna Shag, Baby! I wanna Shag baby!

Hook B
Shag! You know you want it. Shag! You know you’re fiendin’ for it.
Shag! Come on, get on it! Shag! I feel your body heatin.
Shag! Cause I’m a swinger. Shag! And I just wanna please ya.
Shag! You know you want it. Shag! You know you’re fiendin’ for it.

Hey Ladies! Ayo, it’s time to wild out/
Slide on ya tight blouse, and dress like it was 105 out/
Y’all coming to my house, and we going shag, baby!
Mad Crazy, Stacked ladies, (You gonna call me tomorrow?), yeah, Maybe/
Hey Fellas! Don’t miss the call to come through/
There’ll be about 70 women, that’s wall to wall and are ready to jump you!
Son, you ain’t seen these chicks cloggin the stairwells/
Flaunting their bare selves. The situation’s sticker than Mary’s hair gel/
You’ll have to wear bells to find your way back to the heads that you came with/
And spit game with a blindfold without bumpin into the same chick/
Down in the basement, they got lace, whips… and up on the rooftop/
We be keeping the goods hot, cause ladies know we’ve got the wood stocked/
It’s all love. But don’t expect your valentine’s this year/
Remember to spread the joy with pals of mine when they get here/
And it’s clear, you’re bout to get your ‘hot-zone’ showered/
The name is Tonedeff. But you can call me Austone Powers… Cause I’m a swinger baby!


Let’s keep it moving y’all. Hey, to hell with your inhibitions/
Really nobody’s watching – you can tell from the mixed positions/
Distance isn’t a factor, when ya bodies are stacked up/
Especially when the jacuzzi is packed & there’s fat bastards trapped in the bathtub/
I be asking for backrubs and receiving a full body massage/
Hey, I’m shagadelic! That’s my hobby & job/
If you don’t wanna be down, then you’re probably a snob/ get out & get gone/
Or show me Victoria’s secrets – without the bra & the thong/
You be knockin my boxers off! (Let’s Play Doctor)... You visit me!
Strip and shimmy, please, I need to examine you physically/
I’m an International man of mystery, I shag and then “poof”
Got Carmen Sandiego wondering where In the world I went to/
I sent you the invite to this function/
You know – the one with the pic of my bedroom they use for kama-sutra instructions/
You wanna get hustling on this rush for lust? You can ride with us/
My Goldmember’s got the midas touch!

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