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TAP TURNS OFF by Quaker Parents

Released on Thursday, April 14th, 2011
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teeshirt Lyrics (by Quaker Parents)

and you could leave all of your lies outside some shelter of the shell that you might don at night but you yield it lightly constant skin grows thicker
than the bond that still exists between your young and pounding fists and what propels their fight though you wield them lightly memories of what matter
take lead of me
not a reason to lead but a lead-in yr
ts on my tv you can watch it right through me and you can let it run through me
can you channel what you could change here?
it isn't about what makes you smile it always comes to crawl
kind professions from the drawl-speak
passed out at the podium
narrow and down, these exploded days won't drain my lapsed restraint as I mumble for some chance to save the worthwhile innocence or
the easily begun
not a reason to leave but I'm leaving it


FREE Download: Quaker Parents - teeshirt.mp3 (via Bandcamp).