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TAP TURNS OFF by Quaker Parents

Released on Thursday, April 14th, 2011
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When You Know The Price Is You Lyrics (by Quaker Parents)

feeling set for life as the lights go out and the town crowds around our crowd
still you say nothing and these old habits they felt foggy like dreams laid before me so still
say are you leaving tonight stay up until four in the morning with me and I will be right by your
so know the value of an early warning and learn to cower as dust in spring
these are not ragged ideas yr hoarding they are permission to know not a thing
now whip-cracked, attacked by the flexing dawn
convexing out and on top and
of all that you was and were stare but don't notice her tear thru the crowd and the faces that curve
avoiding a barrel-roll-lurch disguised as a stroll long past the point where you long for control align with the limit cut right and be driven to die for the past but pulled from the past and dead to the past you'll be done
it's me up there in the window looking down
to be or not so misinformed but proud to pay the pound
when you know the price is you
and you know the price is you

FREE Download: Quaker Parents - When You Know The Price Is You.mp3 (via Bandcamp).