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TAP TURNS OFF by Quaker Parents

Released on Thursday, April 14th, 2011
More lyrics from TAP TURNS OFFGather Up, When You Know The Price Is You, teeshirt,

Wrinkled Wrong Lyrics (by Quaker Parents)

spend time awake - you can't touch this feeling I get racing around the enclosed vision accepted - but I can't stand to be alone now in the day I still can't trust this feeling I guess as if I'd never known what I'd expected andIwillbelostsotypically
and as all starts to crumble - like the measure of a man with many hands at his throat - in the new dawn I had pricked the seal and worsened all revealed, I've been healed..for real[?]….I'll set the pace for you let me be so kind to keep you in mine all that makes me stripped from the barricade I expect good time to repair me right oh sweet kid inside count on the old sense you deserve to survive but yr loves don't mean a thing transparentandflailing I've got a future here
get in

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