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Regicide by Quarter The Villain

Released on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
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Choking A Sloth Lyrics (by Quarter The Villain)

Right from the start I need to make it clear that your total lack of ambition disgusts me in general,
AND YOUR BLATANT, disregard for people around you is little more than a pitiful stumble
into failure!
You're on your way to beginning, You're on your way to achieving, You're on your way to
nothing, Nothing, NOTHING!
You deserve a break!
NO! Worthless waste of breath, you are! Why do I waste my time? -Trying to convince you to...
-get your shit together at last! I offer you no pity!
Does the air not taste so sweet that you can't...breathe, breathe? I won't do it for you.
You lay covered, in your own filth! You almost blend in...
but nothing's ever exactly the way that it seems on the surface!
You're just a fraud! I'm just too clever! Your ethics--questionable.
You're a product of your environment,
one that could bring the end of man.
You suckle off the hard-working,
you wouldn't even know what work is--nonetheless what's hard!
You abuse the system!
-now is the time for you to decide if you're gonna survive
but will you have enough drive to get up and...FIGHT?!?!
You seem to breed...only for money!
Collect your checks to reproduce,
without the kids you're not much use.
Against all odds you procreate,
infect us all with population degradation bringing devastation, to us ALL!!
Follow unknown...fuck us JUST TO help your own!
No more Mister nice guy! I have become...
immune to the disappointment that you spread amongst yourselves, this is out of control!
Callously, you look in the eyes...
on the faces of the ones you love supposed to hold them high above and spitting on the things
they want for you!
Beg for change, -just to stay the same...
pan handling dreams of others for your own gain...
NO Longer will I stand by! I have wasted my time...
and now I have, no more time to donate to a worthless cause with no resolve I will withdraw my
helping hand
-Watch as you drown in what you created!
Doesn't that what you...really wanted all along -to blame another so it doesn't FEEL
You forgot to factor in....before your plan began, you were defeated from the very DAY THAT

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