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Regicide by Quarter The Villain

Released on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
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F.U.B.A.R.B.Q. Lyrics (by Quarter The Villain)

(War Cry) -You can't stop me!
I have come...into your land
I will fight...until my death own accord,
observe your fallen brethren at my feet and begging -for their lives!
I survive...on the last breath
I revive...when I take life
My...every instinct...wills me to kill.
Warrior, I was bred for war.
Inferior, I will crush them all, with my,
sword in hand I strike again and they are not
-deserving of my mercy!
I will unleash the fury of a,
12,000 man army,
-embodied by, one human being!
Out manned and, out gunned I,
cut through...their bloodfist...persuades their...resistance...
-to withdraw from the front lines of, a loss in progress, my bedside!
It seems that I've seen the nightmares that others dream,
reflecting my own reality back at me!
Numb to the feeling of, crawling...through the entrails of...
weak minded soldiers and countries, that sacrifice their,
own sons and daughters!
My enemy is it man or machine?
My hand will deaden the fields of opposition, regardless,
of the cost of it all, protection...resist and the bodies will fall!
Such a peaceful...night! SURPRISE ATTACK!
-confusion sets in like an old man without medicine!
The last thing that they ever see is my blood-spattered grin!
I have shed, blood as well,
-violence settles all disputes underneath my boots is proof
I will lead, follow me,
into the field of battle -the only place I know I'm safe

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