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Regicide by Quarter The Villain

Released on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
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Frontier Justice Lyrics (by Quarter The Villain)

Dusty trails...gunfights in the streets of mud,
when the clock strikes, you must draw your gun.
A lawless time, where money and whiskey flowed like water downhill,
Times were tough, and you could never be
-unarmed or they would shoot you like the dog that you are!
Oh I can't believe all the blood that's been shed!
Shoot fast! Your bullet better be the one that strikes first,
before he even knows, what hit him.
If you miss and your aim is shit,
or the other guy squeezed his shot off first,
then you'll feel, the breeze, the sunshine, through a hole in your forehead.
I'll be in Hell before you eat breakfast. Let 'er rip!
The hangman in black, released the trap with a laugh -and it was done!
His legs kicked wildly. The air was
-denied access, he smiled and twitched, and you could
see his last breath from the shadow cast out from the gallows.
The dust from the Earth kicked up in the sky and
the shine in their was reflecting moonlight,
-they danced the dance of death.
For your pride you have to,
murder, rob, steal, rape and gamble.
Just to show the boys that you're their leader
and to redefine ruthless, acts.
Shoot the cup off of his head, a playful game that depends on my aim
"Carpenter you spilled the whiskey!"
Though the cup was steady, I'm sure he wasn't ready.
"Carpenter you spilled the whiskey!"
Not the whiskey, shot through the brain and now he's drinking nothing.
Grab the reigns...ride your horse into town like a man that's found
-the only way to get what you want is to...take it yourself and
anybody, that stands, in the way, will fall!
Blow the vault with dynamite, inside the bank where you have the
-hostages tied up, hands bound to their feet,
greet the sheriffs outside with a bullet in their face
-to show that you have no intention, to surrender.
There is, no way, to explain, the look in my eyes!
At 25 people dead, i stopped counting
-with every shot I couldn't miss!
Women, children, and innocent men,
with the sheriffs outside...watching them die...inside
-at the hands of a madman with no escape plan!
The smell of blood was thick, baking in the sun,
out of ammo and guns blazing, gunned down by the

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