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Regicide by Quarter The Villain

Released on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
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Sock Puppet Vendetta Lyrics (by Quarter The Villain)

Get your hand out of my ass!

Can you feel my resentment?
Talk to the hand and look inside yourself, to, find the, inner most layer of self that died
long ago!
They’re coming for you…and they’re not going to stop,
Until they get what they came for!
Out of control…the motive for change occurs in an underdeveloped brain,
This is what you get for putting words in my mouth!
Silk for the sultry…and paper for the pauper
Dastardly deeds…assisted by fashion, will awake you in a world with unbridled passion!
Years alone…my friend’s are fine -I made mine and they push me to wash away those
-have washed their skin…they demand to be allowed to speak and be cleaned
-on spin cycle with your blood as detergent…
No hidden agenda, just hatred vendetta!
It’s time! Everybody gather around!
Now you get -to…meet…my…friends!
Remember this, when you close your eyes…
I hope you SUFFER!
In my world, I am the hand that sleeps, awaiting the order to rise up and take what’s mine
-I’m in control now…You have lost!
This cannot be undone…It has become a part of me!
Attached against my will!
Sickened by the feeling…idle hands are for the weak!
Why have you? Why have you waited for this moment so long?
Now I get to -speak my mind, realize - that’s there no way to escape
Victim! My body’s not broken from the invasion!
It stands strong, yet so wrong, -the other life in me…wants to be released…
Let me introduce you to a brand new me!

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