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Ralph Hinkley Syndrome by Ralph Hinkley Syndrome

Released on Sunday, December 13th, 2009
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My Eyes Have Hands Lyrics (by Ralph Hinkley Syndrome)

My eyes have hands
But they can't feel you walk away
And hide again when
They peel away

All I see
Is bleeding just inside of me
All I feel
Is numb from this achilles heel

My eyes have hands
But they don't embrace you like they should
Or love you good and give
They give up again

Just gouge them away
And I'll be the nazarene
Cause although I see
This vision is blinding me

Just burn them away
The kerosene must be pure
The darkness insists
These lamps must be cured

I got my blindfold
Stuck in the firing line
I search for last words
But they escape my mind

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