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Ralph Hinkley Syndrome by Ralph Hinkley Syndrome

Released on Sunday, December 13th, 2009
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These Days Lyrics (by Ralph Hinkley Syndrome)

I remember hopping
In your Rabbit
With 4-60 ac

That warm air
Caressing my face
As we sang Carefree Highway down beeline
The world was bigger then

Where did all of the time go
The days when daylight
Would burn so slow
When the streetlights would call us home

I would gaze out that great window
Couldn't wait for you
And Houston souvenirs

When I think back to how things were
And all of the pain that you've endured
It was the little things you did
That take me back to that place again

Where did all of the time go
The innocent days of long ago
If I just close my eyes I'm there
But when I come back my heart still stares

Those were the times
Those were the days
Before the ways of pain

I know with your help
I know with your grace
My heart will stare at these days

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