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Pocket Dream by Ribbons of Song

Released on Friday, March 19th, 2010
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Me and My Fervent Hopes Lyrics (by Ribbons of Song)

I heard your mom called my mom up
And said she thinks we are in love
I think it’s silly that she’d say that
When you won’t return my calls
I looked up all your Facebook friends
Looks like you’re popular again
I changed my ringtone to 50 Cent
I lied when I said
“No, I’m not waiting for the phone to ring”
“No, I’m not waiting for the phone to ring”
Let’s hang out; let’s make out
Let’s drive around in my mom’s mini-van
I’m glad you’re not too proud to dance
In the backyard, in the front yard
Under porch lights glowing in the gloom
Do you want to see my room?
I think you do
Every night, I wake up
With your smell still on my clothes
It’s four a.m. and I’m nervous
About how much your mom knows
About me and my fervent hopes

Buy track Me and My Fervent Hopes directly from Ribbons of Song (via Bandcamp).