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If the world calls, please leave a message by Richard There

Released on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
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Listening to my breath Lyrics (by Richard There)

I´m only listening to my breath

And I just can ask
Why I stopped to walk again?

Did you ask me something?
Did I miss a line?
Did I call you with the wrong name?
Did I forget to say sorry?

No, everything is okay.
I stopped because it was nothing more
there was no
path in front of me
so I didn´t know what to do
I don´t want be lost
So I just stoped.
It´s easier when you stop
You´re just here
there´s nothing more
no changes all the time
no wind
no reason to be afraid
no cars travelling by
no birds flying away
no people saying hi
no callings
no place to go
no time for wake up
no tears hiding in my eyes
no shame of being alive v

it´s just here
and then you can really listen to your breathing
and everything goes away
I´ll not move myself from here
There´s nothing that gonna make me move
When you come back I still here
listening to my breath

Only listen to my breath

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