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If the world calls, please leave a message by Richard There

Released on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
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Silence Train Lyrics (by Richard There)

They changed the trains
They putted something over the windows
So you don´t know where you´re going

The woman next to me
take some cleenex to touch the seats

A orange skin guy
with a mustache
laugh to me

Where are all this people going?
Where is this train going?
Why am I here?

All this people
they have headphones
and everyone is hearing the same music
they move their body
in the same rhytm

Where is this train going?
Why am I here?

A strong maked up woman start to look at her pockets
then she take off her jacket
she inspects it
then she put it again
then she take the phone and call somebody and say she forgot something

then she looks to everybody and asks loud:
"Can somebody stop this train?"
"Sorry, can somebody stop this train?"

Nobody answers, nobody hear.
They are hearing to that music and out of that nobody can stops this train. It´s clear.

And all the windows are dark
so nobody knows where they´re going.

Why am I here with this bunch of people?
Am I like them?
Are we going to the same place?

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