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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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#1 (Feat. Curtains, Big Sean & Bun B) (Prod. Frank The Butcher) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Ha ha
Uh uh uh uh
Butchers block, here we go
*Verse 1 (Ro Spit)*
Check, yeah, the track got hot once I got on/
I wear my heart on my sleeve Comme Des Garcons/
I know I'm the shit, my French Pardon/
A king in the booth I get my troops march on/
We outta here, bars drop ya thinkin' I'm a enigma/
Cause I been had swag back when it was charisma/
You know I'm a champ by how I'm raising my fist to/
Not be #1 I couldn't live wit that stigma/
I figure, I was at the top & I'll neva slump/
Neva pump fake nigga I'd rather dunk/
You feelin' good about yaself go head bet a hun/
I take ya girl then ya pride, then the cheddar come/
You've neva won & ain't dreamed about eva winnin'/
2nd place the highest place that you ever been in/
I do whatever for the cheese, I'm forever grinnin'/
This verse amazing & it couldn't a had a better endin'/

*Verse 2 (Curtains)*
Curtains, I'm the best at it, number 1/
Wit the flow, KRS at it/
& I'm handin' out L's like Nike I'm a chess addict/
You try to battle but you lost like a Meth addict/
I'm like Meth at it, I'm the fuckin' man/
I done ran dem all like cunningham/
No gun in hand, but these warning shots/
Try to dis me, then I'm on ya block/
You lookin' shocked, like we done fucked up now/
I stay in the cypher like puff puff pass/
No Spliff, but I'm a Star like Busta man/
Already said it once, but I'm gone tell 'em again/
I'm number one, (one) uno, no dos/
I'm like a atheist I got no hope/
For your week raps, you can keep that/
I got the game all twisted like Keith Sweat/         

*Verse 3 (Big Sean)*
What you know about, (bout) being the best @ (yeah)/
Any place you reside or rest @/
Used to have to check back, now I hand back checks/
& can't remember the last time I seen flat chests/
Out of town luggage lookin' like a chess match (Louis)/
Or a tournament, chain look like a ornament/
Me & yo bitch fornicate & she ain't on no foreign shit/
But I hit her from behind & leave a wet back/
& then I pass out. 
Then I took ya girlfriend & turn her to my mascot/
Hometown hero but I never pull my mask out/
Bet the crowd love me love me like I hit the last shot/
Sometime ya first shot, can be ya last shot/
So see what I do when the ball get's passed out/
Yep, but everybody call me Big/ 
Go hard or go home, so I don't ever see the crib, Bitch/

*Verse 4 (Bun B)*
Say, I'm bout to handle my business, who is this/
The Big Dawg of the South, don't forget this/
Now sit back & bare witness like Lebron/
To the King, AKA boss I'm so the Don/
All that, been that, now I'm ahead/
On some other shit tryinna get my hands on my bread & don't (What)/
Let it be said that I do not run it (run it)/
I bet you what you tried to do, I done done it (done it)/
Ridin' foreign cars, doin' foreign shows
Makin' foreign money, fuckin' foreign hoes/
Held down VIP & popped bottles/
Made it rain up in the club & knocked models/
Later for that mane, it's all in the rear view (view)/
I got my eyes on the prize in the clear view (view)/
Ya gunnin' for the top spot & yeah I hear you (you)/
But me I ain't 3 & I'm nowhere near 2 (two)/
So looka here dude (dude)/ 

FREE Download: Ro Spit - #1 (Feat. Curtains, Big Sean & Bun B) (Prod. Frank The Butcher).mp3 (via Bandcamp).