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A Different Arrangement by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, June 7th, 2010
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A Different Arrangement Lyrics (by Ro Spit)



Sometimes, (sniff)

You gotta go left field right?

& somtimes

You gotta catch people off guard

& that's kinda what this is about

My name is Ro Spit, & I'd like to thank you for joining me

1. I'm here to show you somethin' that you niggas never seen,

2. The music take you places that you niggas never been,

3. Like deep inside my mind I'm livin' In this effin' dream,

4. Oh yeah so when you take that loss just know I'm on a better team,

5. The king of I castle @ the top of I mountain

6. I no longer deal wit bills I hand them off to my accountant,

7. I'm loungin from afar I see my enemies they shoutin'

8. Even wit they mouth closed, its the energy around 'em.

9. I doubt they ever say it to my face & its a shame

10. I just Kanye shrug my shoulders like, damn these niggas lame,

11. Its like they interchange, I don't know ½ these niggas names,

12. In the spot I entertain, so when I enter its change,

13. I was blessed to take something that was strange to begin with

14. An arrangement that I changed what was strange now is different

15. The people that was dissin' on my songs now a listen

16. That's cool cause what started as my thoughts became a vision

Now you see it.

& there you have it

The introduction of, Ro Spits, a different arrangement

Shout out to Mayer Hawthorne,

for making this so easy for me,Haha

The music sounds so lovely don't you agree?

So I'm not gone talk ya head off

Bout to get into it

Once again

I am Ro Spit

& this is

A different arrangement

FREE Download: Ro Spit - A Different Arrangement.mp3 (via Bandcamp).