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The Glass Ceiling Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, October 24th, 2011
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All I Know ft. Dwele Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

Uh huh
This feel good man...
Feel like I'm, like I'm on top of the world.

1. Who you know spend doe like Ro & sip Mo in a recession?

2. I'm at a crossroad stop/go in the session.

3. I'm in a intersection, finna get a blessin',

4. Settin' up, revvin up, for what a nigga destined for.

5. I came to get a fortune black,

6. I left the hood I ain't one to go forth & back.

7. I seen it all from the drugs to the whores & macks

8. And put the world on my shoulders like the tourture rack.

9. Of course I rap, I ain't just talkin just to talk fam.

10. I'm so on even when these niggas off brand.

11. I hold my nuts when I strut, I don't walk man.

12. The only time you grab ya nuts is when you cough, damn. (cough)

13. I'm physically in the best shape I'll ever be.

14. My pedigree Heavenly "Check My Melody".

15. I rock 'em (Rakim) from the front row to the mezzanine.

16. I'm possibly the hottest nigga that you ever seen...

Now bring it back


Ballin's all I know.
Fist full of cash, model in the whip.
Wood on the dash, Gucci on the wrist now.
My whole crew's out of control
Investments. Grown man shit.
Bungalow in Troy, Burn Rubber kicks
Boy I'm a star, look at how I shine now.
Ballin's all I know

1. They should probly call me Jim Crow how I seperate from most niggas.

2. Why they still in line? I'on't know, go figure. The flow

3. So real I wish a nigga try & take mines.

4. A Go-rilla & I ain't talkin' bout a Bape sign.

5. I'm a go getta I can show you when the session end.

6. I Polo, she manolo. Yes I win.

7. I pour the glass half full, you a pessimist.

8. Then pour it out so I can show you what my blessin' is.

9. I live a life most niggas couldn't dream about.

10. Just to get home, I gotta take the scenic route

11. I put my eyes to the sky so I can see the clouds.

12. 745, Its time to pull the Beamer out.

13. I see the smile on the Angel wit the dirty face.

14. It's still an Angel so I'm hearing every word he say.

15. It's food for thought & I was scrapin' up the dirty plate.

16. I'm on my grind til I'm standing @ the pearly gates...

Now bring it back

**Repeat Hook**

Ballin's All I Know

FREE Download: Ro Spit - All I Know ft. Dwele.mp3 (via Bandcamp).