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The OH S#!T Project by Ro Spit

Released on Monday, November 9th, 2009
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Arts & Crafts (Feat. Fes Roc & iLLiTe) (Prod. Frank Dukes) Lyrics (by Ro Spit)

yo, yo, 
look, look, look
*Verse 1 (Fes Roc)*
You never heard nobody nice as me, Fes Roc/
The glock blaze, I put ya chest in a not/
The doe tripple, the flow cripple niggas/
My state of mind be too complex for simple niggas/
My triggers let 12 spin, like Van Helsing/
In Hell's den, where the wolves eat you, check it/
The lead shells twist minds like carousel/
I send 'em to the worlds unparalleled, you know my M.O./
My mindstate, boost the crime rate so gritty/
So gutta, my city like no other/
Young theives & crooked undercovers/
We smack niggas thru the doors of the ER, fuckin' wit BR/
KicSounds now my money weighin' legit pounds/
I keep a big clip when I spit rounds/
Roll wit the Forgotten...Chosen, the .44's blowin'/
Kick ya front door in, leave ya whole body frozen/

*Verse 2 (iLLiTe)*
Just that fast we the last of a dyin' breed/
You roam the earth I doubt you find a nigga live as me/
Nigga slim wit the tilted brim, I am he/
The flow push ya dome back watch ya lines recede/
That's no lie, I sat & watched the days go by/
Like movies, shot in a perfect sequence .45/
Became so fly between sequels, my new nickname/
Is dessert eagle, I rep for my peoples/
Young niggas in the struggle, hustle to hustle/
& just beginning to flex my muscle cock deez/
Or the stock lethal, ups & downs in the game/
Where niggas chase a couple hot c-notes or hot singles/
They low budget, I'm top tier but the flow rugged/
& bang classics from Cold Steel to Cold Blooded/
The aura keep the hoes coming/
& make fools out of foes who pose like they no something/

*Verse 3*
Ya favorite rapper fell off, we turn ya frown to a smile/
Round here we gettin' down, get in town do it out/
If we fall we bounce back like Ju-Venile/
Cause I been had Hundreds like Ju, Sha-Pow/
Now I'm on my A game, I'm 4.0/
& lockin' niggas up mayne, ya boy can't score/
We straight to the Vip man you boys can't go/
But she can, c'mon, you lost ya girl, Jane Doe/
So you understand why the style so brash/
I used to do it for the love, I do it now for the cash/
I'ont care about ya peoples or about yo past/
If you try to play my cake I'll take it out yo ass/
Pass the flame let the white smoke hang/
I'm cooler than the diamonds in my white gold chain/
The Washingtons turned to Jacksons, not Michael, (dang)/
Ya record need me I'm insurance like Geico mayne/


FREE Download: Ro Spit - Arts & Crafts (Feat. Fes Roc & iLLiTe) (Prod. Frank Dukes).mp3 (via Bandcamp).